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Forum: 25th July 2007 “Electricity Safety in Rural Environments”

Seminar: WorkSafe Week. October 2007: “Electricity Safety in Rural Communities”

Feb. 2007: First meeting
April: 2007: Incorporation
May 2007: Promotion and presentations at Agfest
June 2007: – Strategic Planning day with stakeholders
July 2007: – Forum for Stakeholders “Electrical Safety in Rural Environments” (with representatives from Aurora, Transend, Electrical Regulator, PET, Workplace Standards, processing companies and farmers
Aug. 2007: Develop business plan for a website
Sept. 2007: Met with stakeholders to progress outcomes of the Forum “Electrical Safety in Rural Environments”.
Oct. 2007: – Workplace Safety Week: Held Forum “Electricity Safety for Rural Communities”) in Deloraine, Scottsdale & Campbelltown.
– Newsletter Edition 1
Nov. & Dec 2007: Planning & running prototypes for “Farmer Work Groups”
January 2008: Planning 2008 activities: Farmer Work Groups, Dinner Meetings with Guest Speaker, Forum: to be facilitated. Topic Y2bC.

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