1)        Calendar: Photos were winners of the PASS 2014 Photography competition

2)        “Our Farm’s Emergency card” distributed with CPR guide link

3)        Agfest: Safety Awards

  • Best New Safety Product or Innovation” Agfest 2015 – Joint winners: Reel-        Easy Uncoiler and Lawn Mower Lift by Prolift.                                                        Runner –Up: Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic Grating
  • Best Display- Safety Feature / Focus: Marine and Safety Tasmania

4)        LEADING BY EXAMPLE” workshop: Wednesday 22nd July,  during     National Farmsafety Week at  “Eastfield”, Cressy.

Demonstrations of:

  • “Combiclamp” demonstration
  • Safe Injecting of Livestock – Dr Bruce Jackson (Veterinarian)

– Phil Jarvie (Zoetis)

  • “ Greenvale” Safety Management” – – Robbie Tole



1)        Calendar: Photos were winners of the PASS Photography competition

2)        “Emergency Aid” – 5 practical workshops at various farms delivered by       SAFE Tas. All trainers were current paramedics

3)        Agfest Safety Awards:

  • Best New Safety Product or Innovation – Winner: Life Guard – a quad bike crush protection device. Runner –Up: Marine Pod – floatable container for storing safety equipment
  • Best Display- Safety Feature / Focus: Marine and Safety Tasmania

4)        Farm Safety Week field day in partnership with Dairy Tas at the Montagu farm of James & Phillipa Langley winner of the 2014 Dairy Farmer Safety Award

5)        10th National Farm Health and Safety Conference 15 – 16 October            2014 in             Launceston   

6)        Pre-conference forum 14 October: 3 Tasmanian farmers presented on        their “Safety Management Experiences”



1)        Photography competition

2)        3.5 hour “Safety training workshop” requested by a member delivered     on        farm in conjunction with TSI (R. Goddard)

3)        Farmsafe NZ trainer Quad Bike courses: 5 venues across Tasmania          

4)        Agfest Safety Awards:

  • Best New Safety Product or Innovation – Winner: Steinfort Pelvic Lift MK2 for raising a downer cow. Runner –Up: park-brake mechanism on CFMoto quad bike.
  • Best Display- Safety Feature / Focus: TasWeld

5)        Farm Safety Week field day 17 July at the Legerwood farm of Meredith &           John Williams, 2013 winner of the 2013 Dairy Tas Farm Safety Award

 6)        Shearing Shed Safety workshops during November on site at 5 shearing sheds across Tasmania




1)           Inaugural Photography Competition applications opened with two topics: “Agriculture Working Safely” and “My Favourite Country Moment” for 16 years        and over or 15 years and under

2)           Advanced Skills for Quad Bike Riders,  delivered by Farmsafe NZ senior   trainer at 5 venues across north and north-west Tasmania

3)           Forum: “Quad Bike Safety Update”.

4)         Agfest Safety Awards:

·         Best New Safety Product or Innovation  – Winner: Sterimatic automatic needle protector & cleaning system for livestock injections. Runner –Up: “Bare-Co Patent Lever Releaase PTO Shaft Guard”.

·      Best Display- Safety Feature / Focus: Webster Bearing & Engineering Supplies




1)         “Small Farm” survey research project, conducted by Aust. Centre for Agriculture Health & Safety, at evenings organized by PASS

2)        Agfest Safety Awards:

  • Best New Safety Product or Innovation – Winner: “G-Force Rachet Guard Gate for circular cattle yard / race exhibited by Red River Rural. Runner –Up: Munro AutoDriver post driver.
  • Best Display- Safety Feature / Focus: Optometrists Association Australia

3)         DVD “If only...” Distributed to 95 to sponsors and members, Farmer organizations,          33 rural schools, libraries, Farmsafe Australia & their state associations

4)        “Safe & Effective Injecting of Livestock” lectures by Dr David Rendell & Mr. Gary       Kode a Launceston Plastic surgeon to Rural GPs & stakeholders

5)        Safe Injecting workshops: conducted for:

  • Lamb Marking Contractors
  • Sales Staff at rural merchandisers selling Guidar
  • Campbell Town show display

6)          DVD “Safe Injecting” This 5 minute DVD was developed to present at           farmer             workshops and to be downloadable from the PASS website

7)        Farmer Safe Injecting Workshops: followed by practical training on a nearby farm” with presenters from DPIWE, SheepConnect , Tasmanian Quality Meats and PASS conducted at 9 venues across the state attended by 244 persons.  Commenced in July and completed by October

8)        “Safe Futures” – a rural careers expo with a safety focus. Held at Longford, guest speaker Karinda Anderson, with 28 Industry representatives and 100 students aged 15 – 19 years from 9 northern & north-western schools

9)        “Asbestos Management on Rural Properties lecture presented by WST Inspector Paul Kilby on 23 November




1)        “Keeping Healthy in Changing Times” lecture by Julian Kreig, Wheatbelt    Men’s Health, WA

2)        “Safety Management Systems” workshop @ “Woodrising Farm”, Cressy, with        speakers and a farm walk to identify hazards.

3)        National Safe Work Australia Awards 2010: Best Workplace Health and           Safety Practice in a Small Business: – Congratulations to “Woodrising Farm” Cressy who received a “Highly Commended” award. This category is limited to   small businesses that have fewer than 20 employees or full-time equivalents.

4)        Agfest Safety Awards:

  • Best New Safety Product or Innovation – Winner:
  • Best Display- Safety Feature / Focus:

5)        Farmsafety Week Forum: “Safety made Simple – one bite at a time” Guest    Speakers were Kathy Henry from “Woodrising Farm” Cressy the (WorkCover            Tasmania 2009 award “Best Safety Management in a Small Business”) and      Michael Neville (Farmsafe Australia Farmer 2009), plus a farm audit at a dairy          farm   

6)        Rural Futures: Guest Speaker was Miss Katherine Reed, who became a paraplegic in a workplace accident, was the guest speaker

7)        Launch of DVD “If only…” part 1 created for PASS by Polytechnic Media and Screen studies students in Launceston



1)        Silo Safety Awareness workshops – presented by John Cutis, FarmSafe Victoria    delivered 10 workshops on farms at Woolnorth, Togari, Flowerdale, Derby,            Whitemore, Bothwell, Campbell Town and Cressy. Sponsored by Partners in       Grain

2)        Forum – “Managing Contractors / Service Providers and Visitors to Agricultural            Businesses: facilitated by David Armstrong, AK Consulting facilitated with a      presentation by Catherine Pattison, Pattisons Legal on workplace safety and safety            services.

3)        Rural Safety Awareness Council initiated.  It was an informal group with    representatives from Workplace Standards, Primary Employers Tasmania,     TasTAFE, TFGA & PASS Inc

4)        “Older Farmer” workshops at 13 venues in northern Tasmania from July to           October

5)        Safe Futures 2009, – a rural careers day at Longford,  in partnership with   Tasmanian Central             Northern Local Community Partnership

6)        Safety Awareness Survey:  of farmers who were members of TFGA or PASS

7)        WorkCover Tasmania Safety Awards 2009:    Congratulations to winner of:  

  • Best Workplace Health and Safety Practice in a Small Business:  “Woodrising Farm” Cressy.  This is the first time a farming business has won this award – a great achievement.
  • Best Individual Contribution to Workplace Health and Safety and Overall Winner:  Anne Taylor, PASS Inc Chair. This award recognizes the relevance and importance of the PASS Inc activities to improve the safety awareness of our rural communities and young people.



1)        Forum: “Managing Contractors / Service Providers and Visitors to             Agricultural Businesses facilitated by Mr Gary Rowe, Safety Action P/L.      Presentations “Key Issues & Concerns” delivered by

  • Keith Jenkins, Simplot Harvesters
  • Neil Morrow, Inland Fisheries
  • Simon Burgess, Aurora
  • Bruce Goss, Farmer
  • Peter Campbell, Tasmanian Contractors Association of Tasmania.
  • Anne Taylor, PASS
  • Gary Rowe, Safety Action Pty Ltd. “Best Practice in Industry”

2)        “Kids on Farms” a public field day at Quercus Park, Carrick, in partnership with       Tasmanian Women in Agriculture

3)        PPE and Pesticide Exposure”  focus group  a research  project conducted by       Australian Centre for Agricultural Health and Safety / Farmsafe Australia,

4)         Farmer Work Group, 4 hour “Employee Training” workshop with presentations by     PASS, Workplace Standards Inspectors, TasTafe Rural Trainer and a        Physiotherapist.

5)        Focus Group for Australian Centre of Agricultural Health & Safety research project: “PPE and Pesticide Exposure”


1)        Formation and incorporation of PASS Inc

2)          Forum: “Electricity Safety in Rural Environments”. Facilitated by Mr. Gary            Rowe, CEO, Safety Action Pty Ltd Attended by  Aurora, Transend, Primary             Employers Tasmania, CGU, Electricity Standards & Safety, CSIRO, Tasmanian      Women in Agriculture, WorkCover Advisors, Workplace Standards, CWA, Serve-        Ag, Tasmanian Alkaloids, Glaxo Smith Kline, Top Crop, Contractors and Farmers,             PASS Committee:

3)        Farmer Work Groups: formed in Tunbridge, Nile, Cressy and Perth